bestsundaydress is my first recorded band named after Hole's "Best Sunday Dress"
inspired by bands like I Hate Sex, Cerce, and La Luna
also inspired by my bandmates other bands: Q: pissmixer, sans ami, Quinton Bunk (solo) and Marya's: nocapitalsnospaces, empty beds

1. cheap remorse
i thought you were digging yourself a hole
you started to bury me instead

fuck your cheap remorse

validate your self worth
warrant your happiness

if this is a friendship contest
then you fucking win
the itch for cheap and fleeting validation

fuck your cheap remorse


2. i hate myself but you hate me more
i wonder what its like
to not imagine
the flowers on my grave

i visualize the loss
and sleep the day away

i cant hate myself into a person that i love
so i carry the burden of self reflection
and tell myself i deserve what happens

i hate you
and you hate me

i hate myself more than you hate me
you hate me more than i hate myself

bury me in silk and kiss the crook of my neck

3. sweet girl
the third song's lyrics arent going to be posted anywhere for right now