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-kim k shrine

-ariana shrine

-page inspired by the neocities lolita community but for my patched clothing also shining spot light on my favorite clothes i really like or used to really like

-dystopia album artwork, man is the bastard imagery reflecting on my design style

-altnerative about me page

-i really enjoy there being an "underbelly" of my website, i guess underbelly isnt the right word to use. ill try to elaborate later

-sometimes i try to view my webpage from the perspective of what people will go to when they miss after i die. so i like the idea of all these tiny details about me being acknowleged but then i think of someone irl finding these pages andi i feel embaressed

-youtube i watch
>jknews >tigerbelly

-things i hate:

-things i love:



-wristcutters shrine