Shikari - Copycat
I keep hearing what was said long before
Synchronized mouths a copy of dim light
Is what remained
The worst has still to come
But you don’t know and you never will

No gods, no masters
Your revolution is not much more
Than a piece of paper
Tell me whom are you fooling
Don’t expect me to strife on your side
No progression made

Two Knights - Symphony for the Righteous Destruction of Humanity

I use to have these stupid fantasies
where you'd fall in love with me
and we'd make each other happy.
Now I know that it could never happen,
because when reality sets in I have nothing to offer.
I have a new fantasy now,
one where death is a never ending dream
and it's there that I'll find you.
It's there that I'll be everything I always wanted to be.
It's there that we'll be together forever.

The Khayembii Communiqué - A Year and An Ocean

i’m trying too hard to forget to just be me. forgetting to forget the imagined audience. who i wish would understand me, yet never know me. because i can’t bear to show what i don’t know. this is why i discuss trivialities. this is why i seem so strong. because my shell won’t be cracked if i make sure you never find out how to. yet i want to open up. i want to see who i am. i want to see. but it terrifies me to think that maybe you love me for what i say and not who i am. my politics just aren’t me; just another wall between you and i.

the select few who’ve seen through the facade, i pushed away in horror. afraid of what they knew. i withheld so much about myself to keep a fucked-up advantage and now i see i never had anything to gain. so now there’s no more trying to "just be me". no more hiding behind a language. just expose myself for what i’ve been; a fraud,c ashing in on rhetoric that i learned to abuse, what i used to push you away. that i used to win even though.. every single time i lost .every single time.

Pianos Become The Teeth - New Normal

I woke up not enough awake today, just to take in the smell of the fake red poinsettias. Well, I’m well aware I’m treating life as a way to pass the time. It is never an effort to grin, to laugh, but it is laborious to live it like my last. See through me, see through me so see through, see me through. It’s not the grave dates on the tomb, it’s the short and sweet dash between the two. But I swear sometimes, it’s like I’m running on stumps and I am still nowhere, so out of sorts. Always so short and sweet. I’ve swallowed too much concrete, my worst intentions got the best of me. I’ve been so hate savvy and I’ve lost my tongue to the biting. I shake from the rain in my knees. It never has the nerve not to pour. Indian summer sunburns leave me lacking what I’ve learned, but I never forgot myself. We’ve lost the brass that we were born with, we were bent to fit. Bent to wear these wooden baskets. More to a whisper than a yell. But we scream just to get the chills. Just to hear the timber echo back in the boxes we’ve been planted in.

Agna Moraine’s Autobiography - Like A Wish

I hope you find better ways to end your pain than to inspire suffering in hearts of those you could long to walk this earth with hand in hand like a wish