to do:

-make a vegan page
-add links to zines, also post all of your zines??
-comics page
-vinyls and tapes pages, possible put them on the same page
-patches page
    big wip
    make background images transparent, figure out a better/simple layout or format for displaying
-open ask page again, but figure out best way to display the comments. look at the way others are doing theirs.
-things i hate
-things i like
-helpful links
    biiiiiiiiiiig wip
    organize mutuals and organize my favorite websites
-put up a chat box
-make a history page of all the designs ive had for the website
-add sitemap button to all main pages
-shrines of favorite celebrities?
    favorite celebrities: post malone, kim kardashian, bert mccraken
-shrines of favorite comic book characters?
    favorite comic book characters: tank girl, snot girl