After surfing Neocities I came across a page that advocated for veganism. Being a fan of Neocities for a couple of years and a vegan for 10 years I found that to be really really exciting!! I went vegetarian in 2009, and I went vegan in 2012 both of those times being when I was a teenager but I've been a little hestitent the last probably 8 years of my life feeling burnt out from discussing veganism but especially burnt out from debating veganism on the internet. So I need to preface that I'm creating this page because this website is ✨mine✨ and I am not going to argue or debate with anyone ever about this.

So its gonna take me a little bit of time to gather and organize my information on top of having a full time job but because I am very passionate about this subject it doesnt feel like I can easily put this on the backburner and forget about it. Stay sit tight!