William Bonney - All Ten (2018)
on spotify (Deluxe)

alright so, I got beef. Only reason I am using this album cover is because for the ~deluxe~ album version on Spotify they added the 'Good Vibes' versions of Leather Empire, No Pizza, Drug Lord, See Ya Later, Good Vibes, and Monsters. If you did't know, they rereleased all ten of their songs remixed and mastered and I fucccccckkkinnnngggggg haaaaaate the drums. I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to production of music but trigger drums or drums that sound like trigger drums remind me of metalcore and if theres anything I hate, its metalcore. It's not as deep or dramatic as I'm making it out to be though, theyre just different than the originals and I dont like it. Other than that everything William Bonney and all of its members has produced or especially anything Jack comes out with I hold dearly. tbh I pray nobody from this band ever reads this because I am painfully embarrassed and have no idea what I'm talking about

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