hi! welcome to my Neocities ~*website*~. if ur viewing this page and don't know what neocities is, it's a c00l community of ppl who make websites from sratch w the nostalgia of Geocities.

my website was originally made so i could have somewhere to post my art and zines but because i've always had a love for html, i've made a personal little landing page to express and use as a creative outlet.

wednesday, june 19 6:33p
i don't want to exist anymore. i'm not going to update this for indefinitely


friday, june 14 7:33p
Added a CHATBOX under the updates. I don't know if I'll use that chatbox hosting for long, don't know if i'll keep the chatbox.

Changing/updating the huji page a lil bit. Gonna add more but I grew a headache while working on it.

probably gonna update some more pages through out the night.


friday, june 7 3:11a
keep a look out on the misc page to find little links here and there. i have so many pages i've started and havent finished yet but if i do finish them through out the night i'll post them on there.
new pages:
- huji
- Sabrina Hamlin


sunday, june 2 4:44a
i've been trying to figure out a more fun index page, i'm hoping this works out. not 100% i like having an automatic song play because of how often i update and view this page. but we'll see. going to be spending the next couple hours editing a few pages but here are some things i finished/created.
- new blog post added.
- credits page (more to come)
- links (updated)
- polls (just created, i plan on using a different poll host)
- shrines (updated, more pages added)
- most def going to add an enter page at some point!
keep a look out on the misc page for a few things ive added here and there.


wednesday, may 29 10:11p
i'm annoyed by how so much of my coding is inconsisent and boy do the littest things make the difference. i'm too tired today to put any work into anything.


tuesday, may 28 5:02a
ive done a lot of work!

check out the misc page for pages i have either completed or started working on, but also give a look at my coneheads page because i worked so hard on it!


monday, may 27 11:56p
ive been updating and resdesigning every day until im happy for the night. im still working on what i'm gonna keep and what i'm gonna throw out. bare w me, ya'll.

sunday, may 26 2019 2:17
took out the graphic of the centipede today. when i made it its because i was thinking about how in my house last summer there were a ton of centipedes and i think theyre kinda cute. but i think it was repetitive and kind of annoying. made my 'about me' cuter. added more buttosn to other neocities at the bottom of this page. along with cringy blinkies, nd stamps. now i'm on the search for all the 50x50 or 100x100 icons i used to use for gurl.com signatures and other weird fourms i was on back in the day.

things i want to make pages for:
-outfit of the day.
-anon ask box page (because i love being bullied)
-shrines/dedication pages: avril lavigne, post malone, the coneheads, wristcutters, the lost boys, roseanne just all the super cringy stuff that i am absolutely obsessed with
-playlists i've made with 8tracks
-also a 'what to do if i die' page. that sounds weird probably to any random person visiting this site. but having an online guide of what i want my memorial to be that i can update as my life changes sounds pretty cool and funky.
-credit page: a page to where i found some of my graphics and backgrounds nd things like that. i've made most of the stuff on my pages but none of the backgrounds so i want to source everything to make sure artists gets credit if i can find the artists *bc sometimes i just find things on tumblr

updated the music and art of the day page. going to try and update that once every couple of days or every so often.

also, is webcore as an aesthetic a thing?

thanx 4 reading ♥ -V.

saturday, may 25 2019 3:47a
there's been a ton of updates and been a ton of changes lately. i'm working on an aesthetic i find pleasing and comfortable with leaving alone for as long as i need in case i dont feel like updating for a couple months. i removed the updates i had listed on here prior because they were mixed between long winded personal vents and i'm trying to figure out if i want to actually keep a blog on listed publicly online. keeping a pubic thought log can be tricky and i'm a really anxious person!

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genre: hardcore

Cloudgayzer - Cut + Scrape
Serve you with a smile
Serve to stay alive
Watch you consume and waste
While you waste my time
Things I must buy into
In order to get paid
Food service makes me want to die
Your tips wont pay for my complacency
My emotional labor isn’t free
Alienated from my work, did I sign up for this?
My only survival skill
Is serving rich tourists
Their entitlement sucks/They treat me like shit/Degrade me for tips
You will not continue to exploit me
You will not continue to degrade service labor
While also making it too expensive to survive here
Tourism fucking kills
Tourist economy is an enemy of community
No tourism under Trump

when i worked for someone else by shuturp