hey! my name is Victoria. welcome to my little website. on here you will find pages built from badly written css and html stored from the closet of my memories on how to make websites. you will also find art that i make, poems that i write, music that i enjoy, and whatever else i feel like posting. if anything is broken or needs to be credited (like pixels or stamps or st) leave a comment on my profile page. other than that, my city is in quarentine until April 30th, unless they make us quarentine longer. so that means we have time to virtually get to know each other and learn new c0d1ng sk1lls. so yeah, leave a comment on my profile or leave a message on my guestbook. lets get to know each other!

neil prerry - i wanna talk to samson

everything is everything.
and you know I'll meet you there,
and I know you'll try ,
now that you know everything will be the same

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4 eyed 👓 by fakehauswives

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04/13/20 added a page for my band bestsundaydress. working on updating a lot of things
12/24/19 updated music and art otd
11/30/19 updated music and art otd
11/28/19 created a myspace page
11/27/19 updated links page. updated aeshethics for every listed page
11/26/19 there was probably a way easier way of adding the guestbook button than editing every listed page i have but oh well
11/01/19 added poetry page. added lyrics i like page the other day. working on organizing.
10/28/19 i could not stand the halloween layout anymore