melchior - one

if you told me i’d be this way
i’m certain i wouldn’t still be here
i feel like i shouldn’t have survived
it’s an achievement year after year
i don’t how i make it out of bed
half the time i don’t know
if i can make it
out of my head

and i still hear the words of my father
and i still feel my mothers palm
and i still remember that night
it must’ve made your heart break

and i guess
i feel like
virginia woolf
when she said
“i feel certain that i’m going mad again, i feel like we can’t go through another of these terrible times and i shan’t recover this time"

and i’ve cried so many nights
and i’ve took so many pills
i’ve deprived myself of life
and i’ve skipped so many meals
but i’m trying hard each day
even if it’s the least i can do
even when i can’t get up
i’m still trying to make it through

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just a bit sweaty by kirstyorourkeart

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