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hi! I'm grossgirl94, but you can call me V. Welcome to my Neocities all about me, for me. This is my medicore digital closet where I create a mess of html mostly from memory and old stackflow posts. Here you will find style design inspired by noise, distortion, cottage core, Man Is The Bastard and The Coneheads. I came across Neocities by stumbling on girl and queer bands (inactive) looking for new music. I mostly use this platform to blog these days but sometimes share/create things I enjoy. Though this platform doesn't often talk about it, this website is anti-terf, anti-trump, anti proud boy, supports Palestine, and supports blm. This page is 18+, not because I post adult content but because I just don't want to be interacting with people underage. Everything is always under construction and sometimes things are broken, feel free to leave me a comment on my chat box about it, or on my profile while I clean things up :)

3am by blind girls

Wake up burning
in the residue of dreams
there you are haunting
with a whisper
on my neck and a fading reflection
shadow crawling
what are you haunting
I already haunt myself




05/03/24 updated music and art spotlight
04/13/24 updated and scanned new stuff for my zines page. What The Oracle Forsaw, Smoking Pigs: Images of Resistance, Never Slow: volume 1
02/29/24 created a page for my punk vests
01/04/24 Happy new year! I brought back the pink gingham, got rid of some old graphics and working on sprucing up the place a little bit.
12/01/23 ive been updating a ton of things. theres a chatbox now, updated my patches page, created a page to post about my cat Kinny
11/26/23 added chat, new art + song spotlight, few things here and there
01/23/23 music and art spotlight is back!
11/26/22 i added a sitemap! its very helpful so far. i also added ato do list, updated my zines page, updated my about me page, working on a vegan page. organized a lot behind the scenes.
05/15/22 updated the art page. added some unposted things, previously posted things. changed up the page. it'll change again soon
09/21/21 i removed music spotlight and art spotlight because i havent kept up with it in so long. i'm sure it'll make a return but for now it's on hiatus. im also in the process of simplifying a lot of my image heavy pages.
07/01/21 im exhuasted with work but ive become passionate about the small web. ive been back on the neocities kick for the whole month of June and my ideas are a little dry right now or the involve thoughtfulness i dont have the time for. thinking about buying a domain.
06/15/21 i still havent updated the music or art but i changed it from music and art of the day to music and art ~spotlight~. im working on new projects and flipping through my ideas so you'll see more than a few pages that are under construction. sorry for how messy everything constantly is
05/13/21 oh gosh almost a full year since ive updated the music of the day and the art of day. ive spent a lot less time listening to new music or finding new art but hopefully i will find the right artists to share on here soon.
07/24/20 updated music page. yesterday i updated my about me page
07/19/20 updated music and art otd, new journal entry. working on a new aesthetic.
04/13/20 added a page for my band bestsundaydress. working on updating a lot of things
12/24/19 updated music and art otd
11/30/19 updated music and art otd
11/28/19 created a myspace page
11/27/19 updated links page. updated aeshethics for every listed page
11/26/19 there was probably a way easier way of adding the guestbook button than editing every listed page i have but oh well
11/01/19 added poetry page. added lyrics i like page the other day. working on organizing.
10/28/19 i could not stand the halloween layout anymore