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TW: some tape covers are GRAPHIC or VIOLENT
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I Hate Sex - Circle Thinking (2015)
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Little Puppy Princess split w/ Sonic Driver (2018)
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Sordo - Tactical Precision Violence (2014)
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Rape Revenge – Live (2011)
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Active Shooter ST
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Bummer split w/ Asperger (2018)
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Bob Plant split w/ Haggus (2014)
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split w/ Haggus, Inopexia, Pulmonary Fibrosis (2018)
Papercut - Demo (2014)
Sea of Shit split w/ Sick/Tired (2015)
Agathocles - Mutilated Regurgitator (????)
Deterioration - Lupara Bianca (2018)
Active Shooter st (????)
Ivan Ooze (look it up later)
Ivan Ooze 4 way split (fill this shit out later)
Agathocles split w/ Rotting Rex (????)
Illict Trade split w Empty Beds
Ramshackle Glory - Live The Dream (2015)
Hesh'n Aggression (2005) *first tape I ever collected, I also never listened it
Quinton Bunk - Jamais Vu/Deja Vu (2017) quinton probably hates me now but god do I love this release
Agathocles - Cabbalic Gnosticism (2017) jesus christ why I do I even have this??
Bob Plant split w/ Sniping Pigs (2016) uwu
Gets Worse - Snubbed (2019 I think)

Adding more to the list and more pictures will be uploaded asap!
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