I havent been collecting tapes as much over the years as I've stopped attending shows but I've always enjoyed collecting tapes over vinyl


Little Puppy Princess w/ Sonic Driver s/t (2019)
Rape Revenge Live (2011)
Active Shooter s/t (2016)
Bummer w/ Asperger (2018)
Bob Plant / Haggus split (2014)
Haggus w/ Inopexia w/ Pulmonary Fibrosis split (2017)
I Hate Sex Circle Thinking (2015)
Papercut demo (2014)
Sea of Shit w/ Sick/Tired split (2015)
Agathocles Mutilated Regurgitator (2020)
Deterioration Lupara Bianca (2018)
Ivan Ooze s/t (2018)
Ivan Ooze w/ Sete Star Sept w/ Floridian Car Bomb w/ Ulcerated Offal 4 way split (2017)
Agathocles w/ Rotting Rex split (2016)
Illict Trade w/ Empty Beds split (2017)
Ramshackle Glory Live The Dream (2011)
*Hesh'n Aggression (2006)
    *first tape I ever collected, I also never listened it
Quinton Bunk Jamais Vu/Deja Vu (2017)
Agathocles Cabbalic Gnosticism (2017)
Bob Plant w/ Sniping Pigs split (2016)
Gets Worse Snubbed (2019) *84/100


*Anti-Product The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears (1999)
    *Kodiya gifted this to me
*The Unseen Complete Singles Collection 1994-2000(2002)
    *This is my first 12"
Deterioration split w/ Haggus s/t (2017)
PizzaHiFive Perception//Deconstruction (2016)
Despise You All Your Majestic Bullshit (2015)
Dirt Scent Of The Kill (1994)
Spitting Teeth w/ 1-2-Go! Crew s/t (2004)
Oi Polloi w/ Appalachian Terror Unit s/t (2011)
Haggus / Recalcitrant s/t (2017)
Tyler, The Creator Igor (2019)
Oxbaker w/ Battle Unicron s/t (2001)
Reno Oblivion Compilation #04(2017)

I'm still collecting :)
last updated: 11/26/2022