my name is Victoria. i'm a cancer sun, rising sagittarius, and pisces moon if you care about that kind of stuff. i'm 5'0. vegan since 2012, meat free since 2009 (im listing these years mostly for my own record). my favorite food is tomatoes. i make art and zines

i hate sex - circle think (2015)

the used - s/t (2002)



Roseanne (1990's)

New Girl

Grace and Frankie

Mad Men


Gilmore Girls

BoJack Horseman

Arrested Development


Grey's Anatomy


The Lost Boys

Wristcutters: A Love Story


Jennifers Body

s u r v e y s
Name Your Favorites:

Place: not sure if i have one
Person: Kim Kardashian
Color: beige or yellow
Food: tomatoes
Smell: vanilla or pumpkin spice season candles
Book: dont have one
Movie: The Coneheads
Music artist: The Used
Genre of music: emo
Genre of literature: self help, political
Magazine: dont have one
Texture: cant tell you what i do like but i cant tell you what i dont like
Time of day: morning, though im not a morning person
Day of the week: whenever im off and not working
Drink: dr. pepper, iced lattes, water!!!!
Animal: cats
Flower: babybreath
Font: whatever that font was hxc scene girls used that is sorta grindcore-y
Video game: Oblivion and Bioshock
TV show: KUWTK
Fruit: strawberries
Vegetable: tomatoes
Article of clothing you own: gingham shorts
Fashion/style: 90's wave i guess idk
Pattern: gingham
Quote: work takes more out of you, than you do out of it
Historical figure: idk karl marx
Potato chip flavor: salt and vinegar, or pickle
Ice cream flavor: carmel and chocolate or peanutbutter
Soda: dr pepper or cream soda
Season: summer
Month of the year: June
YouTube channel: everyone in the vlog squad

completed: 11/26/2019